Friday, October 13, 2017

Nasrin Sotoudeh A Lawyer And Leading Human Rights Advocate Protest Against The Death Sentence Of Mohammad Ali Taheri The Leader Of The Group Known As " Erfane Halgheh " . Ms. Sotoudeh In This Video Says : The Islamic Regime Is A signatory To The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights And Member Of UN and Can't Issue Death Sentence Based On Belief And Opinions.......And Also It Is Against The Islamic Republic's Constitutions.....

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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Iranian teachers From 20 Provinces, Today Staged Their protest in All Over Iran .........

News -

Thousands of Iranian teachers , including the retired one , staged rally today in 20 provinces .

Thousands of Iranian teachers attended at the rally today which was called earlier by the Coordinating Council Of The Iranian Teachers Union. The theme of the rally was " A just Budget " .
In This rally which took place from 10:00 - 12 :00 am today , teachers demanded for the increase in budget for the ministry of education. At the end of the rally , the leaders read their resolution .

The resolution was all about the increase in budget for the ministry of Education in order to facilitate a better future for the teachers including those retired and their benefit and job security for new and old teachers .

The slogans reads:
The teachers place Is Not In Prison !
We will Stand For Our Demands Until The End!
Imprisoned Teacher, Worker , Student Must Be Released !
I Want To Live , Don't Give Us Promises !


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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

People Support Soheil Arabi In Front Of The Parliament Yesterday ......One person Says: When They Arrest And Imprison The Leader Of The Teachers , That Means They Have imprisoned All The Teachers in Iran ......

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Monday, October 02, 2017

The Voice Of Frangis Mazloum The Mother Of Soheil Arabi. In This Video She Is Asking Us To be The Voice Of Her Son ...." On Monday I Am Going To The Parliament And Demand Justice For My Son" .....Please Help My Son , He Is My Only Son .....

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Sunday, October 01, 2017

Sheil Arabi the Iranian Political Prisoner On His 38th Days Of Hunger Strike Released A Letter And Said "Good Bye " To HIs Wife And Family ..........

News From Iran  ......

Sheil Arabi the Iranian political prisoner who have spent 4 years in prison for just written words in his website . He is on his 38th days of hunger strike. In a letter he made his last wishes and said " good bye"  to his wife and family members .......

His mother Frangis Mazlum in a letter to all including human rights advocates asked to help her son  ;
She asked all human being through out the world and human rights advocate to help her son to return to his wife and her daughter . She said , for justice, she is planning on Monday to go to Majles ( Parliament ) to cry out for her sons life and justice.

Sheila in his letter wrote:
This is an excerpt .

Good Bye

My Dear Nastaran, believe me , i did everything to come out and hep build our lives .
Tell to Rojana ( his daughter ) that your father died for the crime of Thinking and enlightenment .

Now that i am writing i loved you always and now that i am writing this last will, i do not have any wealth to leave for you , i am sorry for this , forgive me that now i am leaving you , i was 1388 days in prison , but this last 8 days were most difficult. But i spend those difficult night in order the next day , to awaken the conscience of the judges , but if they had conscience they would have acquitted me from any crime and let me to come to you and hug you and tell story to Rojana . I do not have tolerance any more to all this cruelty . I am tired of fighting and crying alone against the cruelty. No one helps me in my fight against oppressors . Sheil, the person be in jail and not to be able to do anything , isn't  good for anything ,  so its  better to be  dead than not to be able to do anything . I am gone , but i have no doubt that one day, we will get rid of the oppressors and you will read my file and will find out that i shouldn't have stayed even one day in prison. A day will come that judges and interrogators will face the justice  and ......
To the officials:
Now , i am steps to the death.....Sugar 50........Blood pressure 5 over 6 ....weight 66 .....stomach bleeding .......

You didn't do all i requested , at least do my last request , bury me in the room 1,ward 250 in Evin prison and one day this place will become a museum and my daughter Rojana will remember me with honour  .


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Friday, September 29, 2017

The Sentencing of Three Leftist Writers And Human rights Advocates In Iran ....


According to news, three leftist writers and human rights advocates in the city of Gorgan were sentenced to the following jail time and bails:

1- Roozbeh Gilasian and his wife Elaheh Soroushnia were arrested at their residential home on December 2016 . They spend 15 days in the detention at Gorgan-Neynava prison which is a holding prison run by Sepah Intelligent. But later they were transferred to Gorgan -Amirabad prison and were released by bail. Mr. Gilasian is accused of forming a club society in the city of Gorgan and for this reason he is charged for activities against national security and distribution of lies .........
Both Roozbeh and his wife Elaheh and 18 others were sentenced in Gorgan court of Revolution by judge Hojatolah Ghorbani but later their sentences were reduced by the appeal court to :

Roozbeh Gilasian - One year imprisonment
Elaheh Soroushnia- 8 Million Tuman fine .
Nima Safar -80 days imprisonment

Roozbeh Gillian is a writer and a researcher and his wife Elaheh Soroushnia is an artist and a leftist writer and human rights advocate.    

Roozbeh Gilasian is a graduate of  philosophy from Sharif university and Elaheh is graduate of Tabriz University and Tehran Technical University ....

Roozbeh has written several books including:

" Philosophy in the street" ,  " The human of the month of Bahman " , " The pamphlet of the revolution" ,  " The Erotic Fortune " , " The Little Philosopher " and so many others ........


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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Iranian Workers, Students, Teachers And Human Rights Activists in Support Of Reza Shahabi the Imprisoned Union Worker......


Reza Shahabi is an Iranian transit worker and is currently in prison and on hunger strike against the judiciary injustices for keeping him in jail while his prison term based on sentencing is finished , because of this injustices by the regime judiciary he is on dry hunger strike .

In support of him the Iranian bus drivers , workers , teachers , students , human rights activists and .....staged a protest today in front of the judiciary power in support of this union worker .

Link :

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